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The "bund" in nanjing train theme park will be built Open to the public before the National Day next year

Date: 2015-09-06

Longhu network - From zhongshan port to gulou shimonoseki binjiang 3 km from the Yangtze river coast along the Yangtze river bridge, the nanjing riverside sight in a city the bund. The reporter understands from the municipal councils, on the basis of a phase ii project completion, the "bund" in nanjing last paragraph from huimin estuary to the Yangtze river bridge of binjiang coastline of three phase of the landscape construction is about to start, the three phase will build theme parks and other facilities, the train is scheduled to open to the public before the National Day next year.
Riverside trails will all, citizens can go all the way along the river under the bridge
Shimonoseki binjiang coastline of the past is a industrial enterprise, passenger terminal clusters, transferring, a walk along the riverside water from zhongshan port has been extended to the Yangtze river bridge, at present, the riverside trails has crossed the huimin estuary, more than 600 metres from here to the end of the Yangtze river bridge road is closed WeiDang, stay open landscape together after the completion of the project.
City is built appoint relevant controller introduces, benefiting the people originally through Yangtze river mouth, with the need of flood control, river on both sides of the same height must be set up with consideration of the levee, also blocked the waterfront trail to the north of the way. Huimin river water conservancy construction before the flood season this year, in the mouth of tongjiang to build pumping station gate position, not only play a role of flood control and drainage, to regulate water level, riverside trails through above also happens from the pump station. Reporters saw here, across the mouth of the trails is now viewing platform, citizens can overlooking the Yangtze river bridge and the beautiful scenery, at the bottom of the huimin river has become the city landscape.
Huimin river node through later, riverside trails to extend to the Yangtze river bridge at the bottom of the jinchuan river, according to the planning, trails will across Jin Chuanhe, extended to southeast park.
The theme park will display three green car
In "the bund" nanjing 3 km, a phase of the test section and the second phase has been respectively in 2013 and completed in 2014, creating "where the past", "LAN jiang", "Yangtze river shui yun" etc. "where the binjiang new ten views". The relevant person in charge of the city commission, said the construction of huimin estuaries period of landscape engineering to jinchuan, also will turn around railway ferry, old railway station and other elements of "railway" fully used up.
Is located on the north of huimin estuary, built in 1933, the train ferry of nanjing-chuxian section on jin-pu railway rail river channel, designed by old pier is before the completion of the nanjing Yangtze river bridge, the train is it from here to ferry. In binjiang coastline landscape change, the old pier has made new, in binjiang new attractions.
The train is in the north of the old pier construction theme park covers an area of about twenty thousand square meters, the park will decorate a steam locomotive, three green skin, train car refit car does not have amorous feelings of the coffee shop for people to rest, the park also set track, lights, platform has the characteristics of the republic of China, etc. In addition, the train under the theme park has designed a more than 200 parking Spaces underground parking garage, for citizens to this visit. At present, the park design is set, the ongoing construction bidding.
Power plant terminal sections to set up rather last 400 meters landscape construction will finish
Besides huimin estuaries segment to jinchuan, 3 km riverside coast and southern power plant terminal to JianNing Road a coastline of 400 meters yet. The relevant person in charge of the city commission, said the segment construction will be started after the flood season, when completed, the original two power plant wharf crane arm, will be retained as a landscape facilities, let people feel old shimonoseki city memory.
Power plant wharf to set up rather road 400 meters with three phase, in 2016 built and opened to the public before the National Day, the whole show "bund" in nanjing