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Wear glasses to see 3 d movie everywhere soft exposition of a batch of new products

Date: 2015-09-06

Longhu network - Wear special glasses, can lie on the bed to watch 3 d movie; Intelligent piano will automatically play a song, "hand-on" teach you how to play; Around his neck piece of jade, can measure the sleep quality and exercise intensity... Yesterday, in soft expo in the IT and software release new products, a number of novel and special products, that citizens are stand.
Using a mobile phone to download the APP, click play video, and then plug the phone into a pair of special glasses, eyes suddenly appeared a clear stereoscopic 3 d, the flowers open in front, water droplets falling from eyes, overwhelmed. "It's fantastic, can need not go to the cinema, direct wears glasses in bed can see 3 d movie." Many citizens to experience wishers.
This is called "VR GLASS products, is the Shanghai music worm brought by information technology co., LTD. Staff said that the APP when playing video, supported formats, including a 3 d film, and glasses lens is a special treated, can see the left eye, right eye respectively two pattern overlay together, in the retina presents the stereoscopic effect.
Can a smart "hand-on" teach you play the piano, also attracted the attention of many people.
Operation process is very simple, next to a phone APP, through the cable connected to the piano. This APP store vast amounts of manuscripts in the keys of the piano every front have an indicator light, blue light on behalf of the left hand, a red light on behalf of the right hand. Practice, along with the rhythm of the song, blue light and red light flashing automatically, even if is a beginner, can easily in led lights, resemble a pop tune. The piano is called "The One", by The small leaf (Beijing) technology co., LTD.
An exquisite agate pendants, besides can be used to decorate, also can when your health butler, implanted a chip inside it, wear in the body, can sense when people sleep breathing, pulse frequency, the steps of walking, the intensity of exercise, etc., and then through the phone APP for data analysis, "health alert" is given.