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Recent findings: 11-13 began to physical exercise can reduce the risk of cancer

Date: 2015-09-06

Longhu network - Dealing with death predators - tumors, human studies have been sparing no effort. The host of the 7th yesterday, the provincial people's hospital of nanjing tumor peak BBS, BBS and jinling oncology translational medicine according to relevant experts, if one stage at the age of 11-13 began to standardized fitness exercise, it is the risk of tumor targeting than not to exercise much lower. Now, for different tumor patients clinical implementation of "one size fits all" put, chemotherapy is not science, "each patient should have an accurate treatment plan." The Chinese academy of engineering, China said hong-yang wang, director of the center for liver disease.
Recent findings: 11-13 start standardized fitness exercise, cancer risk decline substantially
"China has been high cancer incidence, mortality is also rising." Jiangsu province people's hospital of oncology department before the beam wing professor told reporters, one of the main reason is that the human life extension, "in the 1950 s, the Chinese people's life expectancy is only 50 years old, and in 2014, jiangsu life expectancy over the age of 80. After the 70 - year - old is a peak time of tumor onset, colon cancer, lung cancer patients more. But on the other hand, the tumor younger trend is more and more obvious." Before the beam wing is introduced, a growing number of young people targeted by the tumor is affected by emotion, life style and so on, high pressure for a long time, stay up late, lack of sports make the body's immune function decline or damage, lymphatic tumour is one of typical functional disorder caused by. "Nature of the latest published a survey of European and American countries, they will start system 11-13 phase comparing standardized fitness exercise the crowd and the crowd found that physical fitness crowd to older cancer incidence is far less than the physical exercise crowd." Beam always think before, should prevent tumor starts, in addition to exercise more, lifestyle change is also crucial. "Family gathering is not rare cancer, genetic cause of tumor is a lot of people think, actually otherwise, according to a new study, has the family history of genetic proportion was only accounted for about 10% of cancer causes, and gastric cancer genetic rate is only 6.3%, way of life and habits of convergence was the important cause of cancer family gathered."
Standardized path is put, chemotherapy tumor cure?
The latest consensus: "one size fits all" put, chemotherapy is not scientific, each patient should have an accurate treatment plan
Current clinical path is: in the treatment of tumor patients in surgical indications of tumor resection surgery first, then according to the stage to determine radiation and chemotherapy regimens. If it is late tumor has do not conform to the surgical indications, is the first chemotherapy or radiotherapy before the surgical removal of the tumor. "The same kind of tumor in different patients have different phenotypes and features, adopt the same method to solve the problem of all patients is not scientific, need new technology and ideas." Hong-yang wang, for example, is not sensitive to radiation therapy of liver cancer, if adopted the means of treatment, the patient.
Told reporters before the beam wing, compared with the traditional method of chemotherapy, individual genetic testing can be established for each patient, database of individual genes important targets to provide treatment, complications risk prediction effect, drugs, and patients' risk of recurrence. "Clinically, we would encourage some conditional patients before treatment to the second generation sequencing." Beam said before, now a gene sequencing costs about 16000 yuan, "with the development of science, in the next two to three years will reduce the price, it will become the mainstream of clinical detection means. The national health and family planning commission is also mulling a specification, after before clinical use of targeted drugs must be genetic tests."
What are the good gene sequencing?
New research: find drive genes, can be different disease with the medicine
According to introducing, in the second generation of gene sequencing technology, as long as the blood of 5 ml, 10 days time can persons involved more than 800 genes in the body of the detection, easy find out "drive gene" of the tumor.
Told reporters before the beam wing, the hospital ward in female patients with ovarian cancer was found 1999 years ago, six months after it has spread to the abdominal cavity is widely, the technology conditions for determining her lifetime up to two years. Can be as the application of gene sequencing technology, she has created another miracle of medicine.
"The use of gene sequencing technology, and constantly find tumor drive gene, then regimen adjustment, more and more tumor patient's work and life won't be affected." Beam said before, to guide clinical with genetic testing, not only the treatment with pertinence, also let more and more drugs can be "crossover", realize the different diseases with medicine, "for example, there is a person with advanced colorectal cancer, using gene sequencing and found its drive gene, and drive a certain type of lung cancer gene is consistent, so, you can use lung targeting drug Yi Rui sand."
However there are also many tumor patients after using genetic testing means and can't find "drive gene", "treatment of such patients up is much more difficult than find drive gene." Never said before.