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Held on September 18 to 22, nanjing exhibition intangible innovation Jinling fan will display

Date: 2015-09-06

Jinling folding fan, traditional Chinese handicrafts, as early as the song dynasty had known system fan industry in nanjing. Jinling institute of folding fan technology adhering to the "Jin Lingpa" traditional hand-made skill and bamboo techniques, brought together a team fan to the skill of the old artists, completely retained the whole flow fan technology, pure handmade bamboo wooden folding fan, silk mandarin fan, etc.
On September 18, 22, nanjing intangible innovation show, the expo will showcase milan nanjing week highlight - brocade extreme essence of the original items. Curators wang jing said: "the intangible product display different from the traditional sense, but the innovative ink, claborate-style painting and oil painting several ways, in the water jade bone, such as mahogany, ebony jinling fan of more than 10 kinds of material, special custom made nanjing beside qinhuai shui yun shui yue and the city of Venice, Italy twins sector, and a series of Europe type amorous feelings of the oil painting fan, milan expo nanjing weeks the unique cultural exchanges.
Also represents the highest jinling fan manufacture craft of mottled bamboo fan, by the qixia temple abbot master handwritten inscription, with phase opposite qixia mountain ink painting, and the significance of the affinity and with good affinity, the inclusion of the elements of Buddhism to the jinling folding fan, the wind between all show the zen of qixia regional culture.
The exhibits of the sitting room, the nanjing city culture not only in the lack of long YingChe, only inches wide fan rib do deep knowledge on modelling, more in the sector of art expression form innovation, hope to make nanjing people can feel the beauty of qixia culture.