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Nanjing both center will be built air corridor connecting xuanwu

Date: 2015-09-07

Xinhua newspaper net news (reporter QiuHuiDong) has been carried out both in nanjing center function transformation, finally has the latest action. Nanjing planning bureau yesterday published the renewal project nanjing nan tai international exhibition center planning and design plan, the large exhibition hall will be stretched out two air corridor "to" the xuanwu lake.
Will dock out two gallery exhibition
Nanjing nan tai international exhibition center is located in the east of xuanwu, purple mountain - exhibition of part of the ecological culture tourism demonstration area, according to the previous planning, both the center will conduct function transformation, purple mountain - exhibition tourism supporting facilities, the planning and design of the scheme is the new innovation of architectural appearance, build lakeside open space at the same time, provide public activity space for citizens and tourists and green recreation places. This design shows that modified both center will also keep some exhibition function, and will be part of the utilization rate is not high occupancy as tourist facilities.
Reporters see from the project site plan, the transformation on the appearance, the greatest action is to build two air channels, from both the center on the west side of platform stretched out across the exhibition road, extending to couple the xuanwu lake park. Tourists and citizens in the future can be through the air inside the corridor walked into the center of both.
Both center complex transformation of tourism business
Nanjing center of both the transformation of the road has been to shout for years. Nanjing international exhibition center is invested by jiangsu province and nanjing government, was established in March 1999, from 2000 to 2008, both nanjing center held a batch of the size, grade, with awareness. (hexi) and in November 2008, nanjing international expo center officially opened, as the hexi exhibition city building, located in the heart of the pp both in danger of being marginalized. As early as in 2010, both nanjing center puts forward main business from exhibition to take business as the core of high-end urban complex patterns.
With purple mountain - exhibition of this city of the integration of "central park", the nanjing government to its surrounding the sun palace and the function of both center relocation, hope will be transformed into both "purple mountain - xuanwu ecological cultural tourism zone of tourism and leisure service facilities. In the nanjing government of purple mountain - exhibition of ecological demonstration area planning, construction and management of cultural tourism opinions of requirements, at the center of the nanjing both into a set of culture, tourism, entertainment, business as one of the large-scale urban complex. According to major cultural industry projects to promote plan earlier this year, both center will support for the city's central park transformation and upgrading of culture and tourism business. Will be formally signed this year starts, this round of upgrading a total investment of 100 million yuan.