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Great gratitude temple ruins park glittering gold Today morning

Date: 2015-12-16

2007 construction, eight years, nanjing big gratitude temple ruins park one phase of the project is finally completed, 16, officially opened in the morning.
Outside a big gratitude temple is located in nanjing, the Chinese made yuhua district road on the east side, beside qinhuai river long dry, is the longest in the history of Chinese buddhist temple, is the Ming emperor zhu di built in memory of the birth mother 碽 precious, perfect with coloured glaze firing, coloured glaze pagoda is as high as 78.2 meters, xianfeng four years (1854), big gratitude temple tower destroyed, built to failure, has been China's tallest building.
After 2004 years of nanjing to plan for recovery, in 2007, great gratitude temple ruins park started construction.On Aug. 7, 2008 in nanjing big gratitude temple ruins unearthed from iron in the letter, found the Sapporo ashoka tower, in serious bone "Buddha".
Great gratitude temple reconstruction is nanjing urban construction in 2010 "one of the 16 major projects", in 2010, wanda group chairman wang jianlin personally donated 1 billion yuan to the reconstruction of the great gratitude temple.
One big gratitude temple ruins for a vote, ticket prices for 120 yuan/m, in December 2015, during the 17 solstice December 31, visitors to the park tour will enjoy preferential tickets at half price.
Nanjing big gratitude temple ruins park held a grand opening on today morning.20 points at seven to eight o 'clock in the morning, induction sarira please can meet is held in were for.9 a.m. 38 points, induction sarira meet please great gratitude tower dungeons, then held offering puja.18 points and 10 held great gratitude temple ruins park grand opening.17) (8:30 every day - 17:00, big gratitude temple ruins park will be open to the society.