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Nanjing also has a swallow in winter.Citizens in the wetland along the river yesterday captured images of flying swallow

Date: 2015-12-16

Longhu network - "the swallow wear blouse, year after year in the spring to come here, I asked the swallow why do you come, said the" most beautiful spring here "", since the childhood, the language teacher told us that the little swallow is the herald of spring.However, just yesterday nanjing riverside wetland, citizens have amazed to see the swallows fly in the wind.The teacher said was wrong?Or civil wrong?
Jinling evening news reporter Zhang hua
Three picture frames
Citizens Mr Wu said with certainty that you won't see wrong, he also sent pictures, to prove his claim.He tells a reporter, when oneself in wetland along the river tour, suddenly see a bird on fly away from where your side more than about 10 meters, fast, the camera just took a few pictures, but are relatively clear, later found unexpectedly is a swallow.
Mr Wu said, if it weren't for images captured by his own hands, oneself also won't believe there will be a swallow in winter.Reporter saw, there are three images, each can clearly see a bird feather black and white, with wings, flying in the middle of the picture, look from the exterior, and the swallow a high similarity.
A busy city
The reporter understands, swallows belong to summer in nanjing, bloomy spring season every year to see them dancing figure, reproduce here.And before the winter, they began the long journey - in droves to fly to the far south, to enjoy the warm sunshine and wet weather.
"Yan at this time every year to return", since ancient times, people always put the swallow as a harbinger of the messenger, a symbol of auspicious peace.Swallow the most willing to close to human, so human love, too, in the warm season, even in a busy city, also often can see the eaves YiZhanZhan semicircle swallow's nest, and air flying YanQun.
The swallow will wintering in nanjing
It is understood that the world has a barn swallows, crag Martin, grey ShaYan, gold swallow and MAO yan and so on more than 20 feet, there are four in China, among them with barn swallow and gold swallow more common.
Through pictures, nature photographer thorgrim said that in the picture taken is a swallow, is barn swallow.Most of them are south of the traveler, but if you meet in winter, they also have a small group of stay in nanjing, through the winter.Foot MAO yan will choose wintering in nanjing, but they are rare, so it is difficult to find.While other varieties of the swallow can't stand the cold, will choose to fly to farther south winter.
Thorgrim told reporters that the main cause of the swallows migrate, is chasing the footsteps of insects, every year thousands of kilometers of the great migration is in search of insects to eat.In winter, the insect population decrease, the swallow live in nanjing will choose relatively humid mosquito more area winter, dancing so rarely see them in the city for the winter.(please get the source fees 30 yuan) Mr Wu