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BT teascore:4.0 / 52018-05-24

The prices on the whole is possible.
AngieDongscore:1.8 / 52018-05-23

Hotel environment as a whole do not feel my, my room number is 555, down the street is too noisy, Windows is not an effective sound insulation and lead to poor sleep quality, frequently woke; in addition, because the next day the hotel hosted a food industry exhibition and feel a bit of a mess.
liaoyue2001cnscore:5.0 / 52018-05-23

Staying for the first time, health services are better, cleaning also polite, great, good WiFi signal, next to
BJFCLscore:4.8 / 52018-05-21

Hotels in Zhujiang road, not far from the subway exit, l road by bus directly to the Confucius Temple, but the price is a bit expensive, not a three-star hotel, but at a price of four star hotels charge.
A6011score:4.8 / 52018-05-20

What good is there is no Wi-Fi is not convenient
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